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Xiyingying official website officially launched!

2019/04/16 17:04

Our company is located in the shishi City, whichis prosperous economy,convenient transportationandone of the nation' s major garmentproduction bases.

Now we have the pioneering spirit,hard-workingstaff of more than 500 employees.

The annual output is more than three millionpieces 1 sets.Our company specializes in thedevelopment,design,manufacturing of thechildren'· s clothing.

From. founded,our company adheres to thestrategy of "innovation,quality.cost.deelopmen ,"sustainable development" and" highstandard,high- quality" .The company takes theservicing customers and social as the responsibilityand focuses on the development and improvementof the human resources,product and service. Onthe hand we supply the high-quality product,buton the other hand we must cut costs to enable usto continuously improve the efficiency andcompetitiveness.

We are based on the domestic marker andconstantly open up the vast internationalmarket.After many years,our products have beenexported all over the world.All customers give usmuch praise for quality,price,dei time andmany other aspects.And we also receive the honorof- "trust worthy and credible enterprise" form thegovernment.

Our company has always emphasis on thereserves and training of talent,adheres to theconcept of talent of "focusing on talent,moralityforemost" .We provide the staff with a broadspace for development and nice workingenvironment

Our company will be your best choice and yourmost trusted partner.